February 28, 2010

Sydney > Melb.

What is it with Sydney and Melbourne? Why are we always competing with one another? Whatever. I've never been to Melbourne so I can't really judge. Through word of mouth, I'm told that Melbourne is just that little bit more fashionable than Sydney. I personally don't care, I think there are some fantastic Sydney street styles and both cities have completely different vibes anyway.

I was inspired to find some chic Sydney-siders after Manfriend ranted about our backwards internet plans, going as far as calling us SAVAGES :(. (I realize there's no direct connection between fashion and crappy internet but my brain is weird and my thought patterns are chaotic). I think Sydney has this great eclectic style but I haven't found a blog that chronicles this! I saw a few pictures of Sydney style on theSartorialist.com but even those were somewhat boring. Someone else please do it because I'm too lazy to right now. Oh by eclectic I don't mean every single psuedo-avant garde "citizen of the world" who hangs out at Newtown.

ANYWAY. I digress.

LEFT: Woman on the left, what are you doing?! I think she's an attractive girl, her outfit choice is safe and it works. The whole thing reeks of trying too hard. To me, the pose, the psuedo-sexy-it's-naturally-like-this hair that she probably spent 90 minutes doing, it's too contrived and over the top.

RIGHT: You are too cool for school. She rolled out of bed, chucked on some clothes she feels comfortable in and it looks natural and put together. It's very simple, nonchalant and sexy. Heck she's SO COOL that she decided to wear a beanie.

LEFT: She's obviously a naturally pretty girl, I love her complexion and her hair. Everything from her neck down however, just doesn't work for me. For one, the shoulder pad thing looks as if she is wearing that dress inside out. I just don't get it. Maybe if it was more structured and boxy it could work but it looks like she safety pinned them onto her dress to make it more "edgy". The YSL boots are cool but I don't think they work with this outfit. The patent chloe bag (Is it Chloe? I haven't paid attention to bags since 2006) clashes with the ensemble. Also, okay, I think I'm being anal but whatever it's my blog, screw you, what's going on with her underwear? You can see that right? That does NOT look comfortable. What is that? I think if she wore a better bra and less visible underwear it MIGHT work?.. Yeah no it won't.

RIGHT: Wow check out her legs lol. This woman obviously knows her shape and what her best features are. The skirt looks fantastic on her, I think her look is pretty much perfect. The jacket, the metallic singlet and simple palette makes this outfit very wearable for daytime without looking overdone. Honestly it's hard to wear heels out and about in Sydney with a casual outfit but this lady shows us how it's done.

LEFT: I'm torn about leotards. I just don't like them. Those full body one piece things that look like a scuba suit? No thank you. I don't really know whether I like this look or not but it's interesting. I like some of the individual pieces she's wearing. The tuxedo-style jacket is cute, the pants are trendy but fit her well and the shoes are pretty rockin. Altogether though? I don't know I'm torn. (I'm all out of faith, this is how I feel, I'm cold and I am shamed, lying naked on the floor... HAH I'm so funny)

RIGHT: This is the classic; "great looking girl with a great figure, really crappy dress selection" problem. I really like the graphic print of the dress, the colours look great with her complexion. I don't know if it's just the pose or this particular photo but the dress just doesn't hang well on her. Is it too big? Also I don't know about the hair. The dress pretty much makes enough of a statement, so why not show it off by having a slick pony tail or a chignon? I don't think this look is balanced at all. Anal time again but check out her left arm, is it me or is the sleeve a tad too short? Idk it's just all sorts of wrong to me.

Images from Streetpeeper.com


  1. jeesus... You have a great eye. You'd be a great photographer or a great fitting/look director and ultimately a great fashion designer. Either way your blogs are awesome and please do not sell your organs.

  2. Thank you so much for your positive comments Mr/Ms Anonymous. I'm glad you find my ramblings somewhat amusing haha.

    By the way, just for you, I will not sell any organs.