February 10, 2010

Ebay watch list x 1

Oh Ebay, I have such a love hate relationship with this website. 2 years ago I used to troll it and find the most gorgeous vintage dresses at bargain prices. Dresses that were unique, one of a kind, you know the dress that someone has rifled through an entire thrift store for? Yeah, those sort of dresses. Now it's filled with amateur vintage resellers, who think plastering a $40 price tag on a leopard print faux fur vest is fashion. People are finding complete trash and trying to pass it off as something fashion forward and avant garde. Yeah bullshit. After a long time off of Ebay, I've started using it again and the clothes aren't as exciting as before but there is hope!

I found this adorable bag and it's pretty cheap at the moment AU$10.65 with 23h 34min left to go. I've been searching for a decent-sized black every day bag that has interesting elements to it. Lately I've been lugging everything around in my pockets or in my small black vintage clutch, I'm surprised I haven't lost it somewhere considering how daft I can be.

Images taken from here.

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