August 3, 2010

Testing, testing.

I've been somewhat busy, preparing for my first self-funded shoot. Mia and I have decided on the location, the photographer and we've looked over the collection and I'm currently picking and choosing pieces for the shoot. Needless to say I'm bat-shit crazy AND bat-shit excited about this. Only thing is, we're not exactly too happy with the other model we want to use. I'm very happy with Adriane and have worked with her on multiple occasions and I think her look is perfect and her personal style very much reflects the collection.

Did a test shoot at Ina's house, Adriane looks amazing in the clothes and I'm happy that I'll get the chance to photograph her properly. Anyway, here are a few of my favourite pictures from the test shoot. I've also been doing most of the editing and I really like the filters that I used for this.