August 3, 2010

Testing, testing.

I've been somewhat busy, preparing for my first self-funded shoot. Mia and I have decided on the location, the photographer and we've looked over the collection and I'm currently picking and choosing pieces for the shoot. Needless to say I'm bat-shit crazy AND bat-shit excited about this. Only thing is, we're not exactly too happy with the other model we want to use. I'm very happy with Adriane and have worked with her on multiple occasions and I think her look is perfect and her personal style very much reflects the collection.

Did a test shoot at Ina's house, Adriane looks amazing in the clothes and I'm happy that I'll get the chance to photograph her properly. Anyway, here are a few of my favourite pictures from the test shoot. I've also been doing most of the editing and I really like the filters that I used for this.

July 20, 2010

Daddy likey

Anything with a skull or a serpent, I'm pretty much there. I love skulls and snakes on everything, bracelets, necklaces, clothing, absolutely everything. I have quite a few skull and snake rings and I can't get enough, I'm always on the lookout for more. Lately I've been getting into spiders and spider webs too, there's something so beautiful about a web. But fuck if I saw a spider in real life, without hesitation I would kill it. I don't like the gothy spider accessories, it's not really my style. Cavalli did a few pieces that incorporated spiders and serpents from last season that I really liked so hopefully some watered down copies of those pieces spring up soon.

Oh also, the YSL Arty ring is pretty, but it's one of those things that have become a fad where all the wannabes and trying-too-hard-to-bes own one. It doesn't strike me as a ring I would buy to begin with. Too many people already own it. I'd rather get one of those insanely cool Steampunk rings from eBay. The rings are composed of the internal moving parts of antique watches and the detail is just insane. There was this bad ass one but I completely forgot about it and missed the auction :(. I guess it's the rebel in me that automatically detests fads. I also love heavy, thick, metal shit. I love big statement pewter chains and necklaces. I'm not really a fan of delicate, feminine accessories. I don't wear gold, I think it looks tacky on me and I'm far too much of a tom boy. I'm a weirdo aren't I?

Anyway It's been a long time since I've done an accessory post and I figure it's about time to do one. All these are from Talulah Tu and range between £10- £40. I'm Asian and all but I don't feel like converting pounds into different currencies right now so do it yourself. I adore that pyramid chain necklace and the McQueen-esque skull ring, no surprises there.

Images from Talulah Tu.


I'm not 100% sure how I found Karla Deras, but out of all the popular fashion bloggers, I love her style the most. It's not that cookie cutter indie wannabe shit that everyone is doing, it's not over the top, it's not anal retentive "omg everything I wear has to be from the catwalk", it's what she's comfortable in and what she's inspired to wear. It's interesting to see how much her style has evolved, from really simple outfits to the crazy ones she currently sports. I think blazers were the main thing that kindled my affinity with her. I love my blazers. My friend Ina commented that I look weird without a blazer because she's so used to me wearing them.

Karla's a gorgeous girl and I love her body shape. She's received some criticism from readers of her blog, they made comments about her "thunder thighs" which is complete bullshit in my opinion. I like the fact she's not an anorexic size 0 blogger like Ms. Fashion Toast. She's a real person, with a rockin' body and an eclectic take on on fashion and let's face it, most of us would kill to look like her anyway. I adore both her feminine and androgynous side. She pulls off both looks and everything in between quite well. Enough about me, here are some of my favourite outfits concocted by Ms. Deras.

Images from Karla's closet.


I've had a couple of things sitting in my photobucket waiting to be uploaded, but I promised myself that I wouldn't post things for the sake of posting. I want to be inspired when I blog, I want to be able to express myself succinctly and honestly every time I write something on here. This blog, after all, is a reflection of myself and the goings on in my head.

It's hard to get into blogging when you haven't done it in so long. I've been somewhat housebound and when I'm not out and about, nothing inspires me. Fair enough I can easily go to different websites but to me, nothing online compares to the high of going to a thrift store, finding something unique and taking it home with you.

Once again these street style photos are from previous seasons, but who cares? I think they're still incredibly creative, well thought out and fresh.

I'm pretty sure I've posted the same picture of the two on the left before, but holy hell I'll do it again. They remind me of an episode of Daria, where a modeling agency sends 2 scouts to recruit students from Lawndale High. Together they're just so chic and effortless. I love the off the shoulder thing and the cigarettes. Dear Lord, just looking at them, I want one now.

The gentleman on the left is just adorable. I would definitely wear exactly what he's wearing. I love suspenders. I confess to owning a pair but I have never had the balls to wear them out. Fuck it, new mission: Wear suspenders.

I know that the girl on the left is a French fashion blogger but for the life of me I can't remember her name or her website. Bah. Doesn't matter, because here she is giving us an example of why she's a fashion blogger. I love the delicate little details that break up the outfit and make it pop. The feathered clutch is dainty and the most perfect beige-y-pale rose to go with her outfit. The white stockings give it that little bit extra, if they were plain it would have been too bland for me.

Here's another one of those; "I should know her name and everything about her but I don't" scenarios. I've seen sequins absolutely massacred. I've seen them in every way you shouldn't wear them. The amount of sequin carnage I have seen would scare you. This however, is different. It's ballsy to take a garment covered in sequins and not make it look like a costume that was rejected from "To Wong foo, thanks for everything. Julie Newmar". Everything else is simple, which is how it should be. I also love the fur coat, I don't know how politically correct liking fur is nowadays, but fuck it, I'm sticking by my opinion.

Oh Ms. Lanphear. How can you not love her? Platinum hair, spiked leather wrist bands and vintage Jim beam. No matter what she wears, she sticks to what she likes. She's gained such a following by being an unconventionally stylish fashion editor and it works. She's proof that if you love a certain style and you can rock the fuck out of it, by all means please do. There's nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your own clothing.

To the gentleman on the right: Sir I have no idea who you are but you are sexy. Don't lie, you'd date him in a heart beat too, just to run off with that leather jacket. The way he's standing, the different textures, the whole one pant leg over the boots thing, it's subdued but rough around the edges at the same time. I love effortless outfits. Some people just get it absolutely right. You don't need 12 layering pieces to have something unique and fresh, his outfit consists of 4 black elements and it works beautifully.

Images from Vanessa Jackman

June 14, 2010

Sunrises and downfalls

This post is a testament to Ms. Moran. My beautiful and beloved friend, who inspires me with her intellect, camera handiwork and luminous personality.

It started out as a walk during a beautiful winter day. The sun was shining and Ms. 'Thang' Moran brought out the camera. I wasn't dressed for it but IDGAF. She turned an awkward nature hater and a muddy field into these beautifully composed and vivid shots. I managed to turn the camera on her and take some shots of her too. Not quite as good but I think I captured her free spirit and love for flannel pretty well.

I hope this post is bribe enough for her not to post the footage of me, whimpering like a drowning kitten, trying to navigate my way through squelching mud.

Anatomy of the perfect outfit

There are very few times when I stop and simply admire an outfit.

This to me, is the perfect outfit. It flirts with androgyny, it's chic, it's simple, it's uncomplicated, it's timeless. The colours, the textures, the print, just ERRRRTHANG.

It's as if the proportions were calculated by a Quantum physics major I played Warcraft with. This shit needs to be bottled and distributed internationally. It needs to be given to all the Mischa Barton's and Peaches Fuckhead's all over the world. We could all learn a thing or two from this woman and her impeccable outfit.

She probably just threw on. It makes me want to die a little bit but gives me incalculable inspiration. It renews my faith in humanity. Because of this outfit, I am at peace with the existence of personalities such as Ke$ha and Tila Tequila.

Images from Jak&


Winter ensembles shouldn't be restricted to one colour. Yes black is slimming, universally flattering and perfect for us clumsy few who manage to stain our clothing. BUT I do appreciate a colourful winter wardrobe. I say this, but I know I'm going to be in a loooot of black this winter. I'll try and mix it up though.

I haven't really seen anyone rocking monochrome outfits. When I think of a monochrome outfit, I think of either all black, nude/tan or all white. There's so many things that could go wrong with colourful monochrome outfits, if one piece is a slightly different shade, it could potentially ruin your entire look. I think you need to be sorta gutsy to pull it off to begin with. Ms. Duma over there, has not only chosen the most impeccable red, but huzzah! all the pieces are the same shade! I adore blazers so of course I love her outfit, but seriously just look at it. It's crisp, it's simple and it's so glaringly dramatic at the same time. I love that she kept the other accessories black and really let the outfit sing for itself.

Giovanna Battaglia on the other side has decided to use very minimal and to me, industrial colours. It's sort of a concrete and sandstone colour palette and I love it. I make my SIM houses in those colours! LOL. There's very few women who could pull off dark grey stockings and make it look effortlessly chic. She just looks so cute. I want to run up and hug her then maybe run off with her shoes.

Images from

The silver lining is within reach, sorta.

After a somewhat enlightening and far too optimistic conversation with one of the best friends a girl could have, I think the dark cloud that's been hanging over my head has finally lifted as Winter begins.

From my blogs I see that I've been getting more and more into street style than runway couture. Don't get me wrong, I have before and will continue to drool over dresses I could never afford (Balmain & Temperley I'm looking at you), but I find the outfits around us can be just as inspiring. I like to observe people and it's interesting to see how people twist and bend their clothes into submission. I love the interpretation from runway to every day wear.

Sydney winters are funny. The past few days it's been warm enough to be out in a t-shirt and jeans during the day but wow, you freeze your proverbial nuts off during the night.

I digress.

I like leggings. They sort of fit with our climate. I don't like when they're worn as pants without an oversized top. As a person, you should know when things aren't flattering. There must be some alarm that goes off in your head that makes you question your choices. Like, "Hey! My vagina looks like it's chewing up my psuedo-pants! Maybe I should choose a different pair of pants?" Don't wear leggings as pants. Just don't. When those girls are giving you some side-eye, it's not because yo' booty looks FYNE; it's because you look like a twat wrapped in a fashion faux pas.

With that said, there's no shifting leggings and opaque stockings from this winter's must have list. I'm still trying to find the holy grail of black leggings. I know that a lot of places stock leggings, but I don't want the crappy 95% cotton kind. They're far too thin to be useful, they stretch out of shape too easily and fade so fast. I'm looking for a thick-ish pair that's matte but with the tiniest bit of sheen to them, similar to opaque black stockings.

Oh by the way, these photos are almost a year old but I think they're still very up to date and look fucking fantastic. I am digging the knee high/over the knee opaque socks/stockings (I have no idea wtf that is but I want a pair) in the last picture. I think it's a really sexy look, plus it let's you not shave your legs for a few days. :).

Images from: Jak&Jil, Fashiontoast, Karlascloset and the Lindsay one IDK :(

June 5, 2010

'Bout time

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Mia Moran for her unending support and creativity. Apparently I don't play a good Barbie but she managed to get some really nice shots. Most of the pictures are candid, the ones when I'm trying to pose look shit. And yes I do adjust and play with my blazers that much. All the clothing is mine, aside from that bad ass black leather jacket which belongs to my friend Sindu.

June 2, 2010

Caving in.

I've voiced my aversion towards all things Erin Wasson previously. This was based on the line she did for RCVA that I really wasn't digging. The pieces were overpriced and run of the mill. They reflected none of her personal style, which is disappointing, because I think she's one of those models that really does enjoy fashion. I'm 98.2% sure that I got these from Knight Cat and hell, I love it.

I think she's a beautiful woman and a worthy inspiration. I'm almost 100% sure she's not wearing makeup and that sort of just makes me want to die. Just a little bit. Again, I wouldn't necessarily wear what she wears, but she carries herself so well and the clothes just become a living, breathing part of her, a visual display of her eccentricity. I don't know who shot these but I love the composition and the simplicity. It's laid back, she's at home in her element. The photographer really let Wasson wallow in all her indie hippie glory.

And of course, she's topless. She's always flashing the nips.

Images from from Knight Cat

So it begins.

I've always wondered why people dress the way they do. Why does one pick this shirt and not the other? Why these shoes? Why that colour? What is it in the human psyche that controls this? There are some people who are just naturally gifted with a wicked sense of style. They know their proportions, they understand what flatters and what flaunts. I hate and admire them at the same time.

On the other hand, I think dressing well can be learned. I don't think it can be taught. Stylists can advise and guide to whatever extent, but at the end of the day it's up to the individual. Lately I've found I have this habit of staring at people's outfits. It's not a bad thing, I go about it in an almost clinical way, dissecting and analyzing colours, shapes, textures, proportion and the outcome of these combinations.

I try not to negatively judge people based on their clothing. Style is so subjective. Honestly, who am I to judge someone's outfit? What isn't stylish to me may be stylish to them and vice versa.My friends can tell you how differently I dress nowadays and how much I've evolved style-wise. One thing though, I won't put anything on that I'm not comfortable with. I won't wear something I don't absolutely adore. I think that if you have any doubts with what you're wearing, it affects the way you carry yourself and when it does; what's the point? If you're not convinced of your own style, how are you going to convince others?

I want to just reiterate, for myself really, that this blog is about what inspires me, what fuels that fire; that innate and profound passion for clothing. It's what I love and it's what I live for.

Images from JakandJill

June 1, 2010


Winter is knock-knock-knocking on the door and I'm welcoming it with open arms. Out of all the seasons, I enjoy winter the most. The layering, the textures, the contrasts, the fact you can hide your fat under a bad ass leather jacket, oh and most of all - THE LEATHER JACKETS. For me, it's the season where you can get really creative with mixing and matching pieces from different seasons. I haven't blogged in a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been stalking looks and trends that I find inspirational.

Mmm. Monochrome. Black is my absolute, hands down, favourite colour. This is a look I'd love to emulate, unfortunately I don't have her legs or those boots. It's always interesting how people address monochromatic outfits. All black has a tendency to be boring but to me this is simple, understated and chic.

The gentleman on the left has a jacket I would crawl over a barbed wire fence for. The colour, the cut, the edginess without the tackiness, it's a beautiful jacket. I also can't help but admire the general bad-assery he's oozing.

Big big big over sized knits. The kind of knits you want to crawl into and just sleep for days. Angora, mohair, wool, cashmere, even acrylic; bring it all on baby. If you deconstruct her outfit, it's pretty simple the white shirt and black bottoms make for a very versatile foundation. I think this winter I'll be cutting down on the necklaces and opting for subtle statement-but-not-really pendants on simple chains.

Not only am I jealous of this girl's ability to rock the red lipstick and so-chic-it's-painful style, but look at her hair. Damnit. I really wish I hadn't cut mine. Oh well, hair grows back right? I never thought one could successfully pull off leather on leather, but there's something so right and very rockabilly about it. It's not something I'd try personally - HELLO THIGHS - but I think she really pulls it off.

Once again. COMBAT BOOTS. GRRR. I've been looking for an affordable pair of either combat boots or flat motorcycle boots to live in this season. I've seen a few that I do like but nothing I'm in love with. I don't like boots that aren't structured, not a fan of that slouchy crap. I love both the twins' outfits and their crazy untamed manes. There's something so inherently bohemian about the hair. I'm digging it.

I adore this man's outfit. Being the cross dresser that I am, I do find myself being inspired by men's fashion and this is something I would definitely wear, except maybe black jeans. I'd also exchange his scarf for something silk and much bolder in colour. The black hooded bomber jacket and military inspired coat are definitely the staples for men this season. Not really complaining, I love the look. I've always been a fan of blazers. Blazers have definitely made it onto my list of necessities. I've acquired quite a lot of blazers over the past year, from leather all the way to silk and linen. I'm not really a cardigan person and I find the blazer instantly adds a structured feel to any ensemble.

All images from Vanessa Jackman

Long overdue.

I want to start off nice and easy before I get into hardcore pouring my creative heart and soul back on the internets. I've been drawn into photography and I'm enjoying the time I spend admiring my beautiful friends and their style.

These are a few shots I took of my friend Mia. As you can see she's gorgeous and very much an intellectual. These were taken with a really shitty 8MP Olympus Digital cam, I'll go to town once I acquire my own DSLR.

March 25, 2010

2 girls 1 amateur photog

I've finally gotten around to cleaning out my closet and taking pictures of everything I don't wear, don't use, don't like or don't have the figure to wear (that's more like it).

All the vintage clothes, bags and accessories I've posted are in immaculate vintage condition. Some of the clothes are brand new with tags. It's all stated on their respective pages.

Also I'll be posting more items as soon as I get them back from the dry cleaners. I have these bouts of determination and then I just fizzle out and CBF anymore.

Thank you to the lovely Ina and Adriane for being modelly and letting me dress them. Although at one point I had to separate them because Ina kept making Adriane laugh and vice versa. Some of the fucking photos turned out blurry :( So I was very very annoyed.

Everything is here. I'll keep you posted.

March 16, 2010

For Manfriend.

Everytime I look at a male fashion model, I think 2 things:

2. Manfriend is hot, I wonder how he would look in that outfit?

With that said, I had a quick squiz at the look books from Zara Man. These outfits are right up Manfriend's alley, a lot of the pieces are similar to the ones in my initial Manfriend fashion post. We haven't gone shopping yet so I'm glad I saw these. The nude and earthy toned palette for both casual & Zara Man is timeless. Once again these pieces can squeeze into your wardrobe and be worn for countless seasons. The casual line is pretty damn hot if I do say so myself. It's bold, rugged and just a little bit undone. Sort of like Manfriend's facial hair when he doesn't shave it for a few days. Mmm. Sexy.

Zara Man is a lot more polished. It's still as masculine if not more so than their casual line, but they've stripped most of the trendiness and kept clean lines and classic pieces. I love the styling, there's structure and clever layering. None of the looks present as "overdone" and they've kept it pretty minimal. Again I find myself not liking the jeans. The dress pants yes, the jeans, no. They're a bit too skinny for me. How do men stand being in skinny jeans? How do their nether regions survive down there?

I think it's the tomboy in me, but I wish there were female versions of some of these pieces. Or I could just buy dude clothes like I always do.

Images from Zara Man 2010 Look books