February 28, 2010

Sydney > Melb.

What is it with Sydney and Melbourne? Why are we always competing with one another? Whatever. I've never been to Melbourne so I can't really judge. Through word of mouth, I'm told that Melbourne is just that little bit more fashionable than Sydney. I personally don't care, I think there are some fantastic Sydney street styles and both cities have completely different vibes anyway.

I was inspired to find some chic Sydney-siders after Manfriend ranted about our backwards internet plans, going as far as calling us SAVAGES :(. (I realize there's no direct connection between fashion and crappy internet but my brain is weird and my thought patterns are chaotic). I think Sydney has this great eclectic style but I haven't found a blog that chronicles this! I saw a few pictures of Sydney style on theSartorialist.com but even those were somewhat boring. Someone else please do it because I'm too lazy to right now. Oh by eclectic I don't mean every single psuedo-avant garde "citizen of the world" who hangs out at Newtown.

ANYWAY. I digress.

LEFT: Woman on the left, what are you doing?! I think she's an attractive girl, her outfit choice is safe and it works. The whole thing reeks of trying too hard. To me, the pose, the psuedo-sexy-it's-naturally-like-this hair that she probably spent 90 minutes doing, it's too contrived and over the top.

RIGHT: You are too cool for school. She rolled out of bed, chucked on some clothes she feels comfortable in and it looks natural and put together. It's very simple, nonchalant and sexy. Heck she's SO COOL that she decided to wear a beanie.

LEFT: She's obviously a naturally pretty girl, I love her complexion and her hair. Everything from her neck down however, just doesn't work for me. For one, the shoulder pad thing looks as if she is wearing that dress inside out. I just don't get it. Maybe if it was more structured and boxy it could work but it looks like she safety pinned them onto her dress to make it more "edgy". The YSL boots are cool but I don't think they work with this outfit. The patent chloe bag (Is it Chloe? I haven't paid attention to bags since 2006) clashes with the ensemble. Also, okay, I think I'm being anal but whatever it's my blog, screw you, what's going on with her underwear? You can see that right? That does NOT look comfortable. What is that? I think if she wore a better bra and less visible underwear it MIGHT work?.. Yeah no it won't.

RIGHT: Wow check out her legs lol. This woman obviously knows her shape and what her best features are. The skirt looks fantastic on her, I think her look is pretty much perfect. The jacket, the metallic singlet and simple palette makes this outfit very wearable for daytime without looking overdone. Honestly it's hard to wear heels out and about in Sydney with a casual outfit but this lady shows us how it's done.

LEFT: I'm torn about leotards. I just don't like them. Those full body one piece things that look like a scuba suit? No thank you. I don't really know whether I like this look or not but it's interesting. I like some of the individual pieces she's wearing. The tuxedo-style jacket is cute, the pants are trendy but fit her well and the shoes are pretty rockin. Altogether though? I don't know I'm torn. (I'm all out of faith, this is how I feel, I'm cold and I am shamed, lying naked on the floor... HAH I'm so funny)

RIGHT: This is the classic; "great looking girl with a great figure, really crappy dress selection" problem. I really like the graphic print of the dress, the colours look great with her complexion. I don't know if it's just the pose or this particular photo but the dress just doesn't hang well on her. Is it too big? Also I don't know about the hair. The dress pretty much makes enough of a statement, so why not show it off by having a slick pony tail or a chignon? I don't think this look is balanced at all. Anal time again but check out her left arm, is it me or is the sleeve a tad too short? Idk it's just all sorts of wrong to me.

Images from Streetpeeper.com


I've always loved fashion from this period. Everything screamed elegance and glamour. It was all very luxe, very sexy and slinky but in an empowering way. Think Marlene Dietrich and Jean Harlow. I want 79% of Etro's Fall RTW. I'd sell my left lung for that caramel full length dress. MY LUNG. Okay maybe not, selling vital organs for fashion is not a good idea.

I love the ethnic/worldly prints, the fabulous colours, the shapely yet flowing silhouettes, the bold accessories, just everything. The classic tailored pant with the updated print of the cheongsam hit the spot. Blazers once again were present in this collection, but hey I'm not complaining. With blazers included it felt like I was looking at the lovechild of the 20's and 80's. Funnily enough there were more buttoned-all-the-way up looks here too.

Okay I'll stop here are my favourite pieces.

Images from Style.com

Catching up

It feels like I haven't blogged in forever, yet again. I've been scratching my arm for a good 15 minutes, if I don't get lotion for it now I'll make myself bleed so brb.

I haven't done a full throttle couture post in a while and after seeing Etro and Burberry Prorsum's Fall RTW, yeah I'm pretty much compelled to.

A lot of people were talking about the Christopher Bailey aviator jackets but what caught my eye were the hint-of-military blazers. Big surprise. I love blazers so this collection made me want to sell a kidney. Only a few posts ago I was looking at military inspired clothing for Manfriend and myself so I'm absolutely delighted that this trend will inevitably trickle down to more affordable brands. I love the metallic buttons and simple structured shirts buttoned all the way up, it's fucking sexy; especially when paired with thigh high leather boots. Almost everything is wearable and yes I do like the aviator jackets but blah not really my thing. The only thing I'm not loving is the mustard yellow. You need pretty specific skin tones to rock this and it's just not a pretty colour to me. Gross.

Images from Style.com

February 27, 2010


After probably the happiest 12 hours of my life on the internet with Mr. Manfriend, I decided to collage some of the images he sent me. I asked him to find outfits HE thought I would wear and I was pretty impressed. I mean come on, the man found a picture of Anna Dello Russo not wearing a couture dress. I know I know, he's a keeper. I think he pretty much has my personal style down to a T. Slick blazers, classic colours and understated chic. Oh and the ring selection - all his. Both of us swooned over the intricate steam punk ring. It's so unusual and charming. The small parts and gears give it a surreal old world feel that I adore.

Oh he also ranted for about 90 minutes about how terrible Australian internet is and gave a Martin Luther King-esque speech about how he's going to revolutionize it.

I HAVE A DREAM, Martin Luther King ONCE SAID;


What a goofball.

February 25, 2010

Los Angelesssssssssss

It's one of those days where I've looked at so many websites and want to post a lot of content but don't know where to start.

So I'm procrastinating.

Instead I cleaned my wardrobe, started segregating my "LA" clothes and listing what I need to buy. What the hell is the weather going to be like in April?

February 23, 2010

You beat my drum hard.

I've always loved accessories. Derr. I realized I haven't really posted things I already own so I found as many of my rings I could and started snapping away. There's a few more roaming around my room somewhere so I'll try and get those when I take photos of necklaces/bracelets. I like to pair really simple pieces with some of my more interesting ones when I pack on the finger armor. For me accessories can really define the direction of an outfit.

My absolute favourite ring which I don't leave the house without is the crystal studded skull ring, bought at the Rose Seidler House 50's fair last year. I've gotten a lot of "Omg where did you get that?" comments from emo teenagers, I don't think that's a good thing. Manfriend thinks I'm a creeper because I adore skull/skeleton/snake rings. W/E YOU WATCH NARUTO. Oh also, digital camera has decided to shit itself so these were taken with my mobile phone (cell phone to the yanks). They turned out decently none the less, not bad for an amateur photographer with a 3.2MP mobile phone camera eh?

By the way, okay I've done less than 30 posts and I'm already out of ideas for blog titles. How do people keep coming up with titles? I want to smash my hand on the keyboard and just name it that. I feel compelled to be creative but I really can't be fucked, I'm hungry so I'm going to go find food. Like every second asshole on the interwebz I've named this post after the song I was listening to at the time: I Like that - Richard Vission & Static Revenger feat. Luciana.

February 22, 2010

I'll eat your children.

Swide: Do you believe in timeless pieces or do you think fashion should be seen as disposable?
Anna: I'm a collector but I collect incredible pieces only, no daywear! I really love garments with lots of imagination, lost of history; I try to imagine that if I died my clothing could go on to be shown in a museum, who wants to see a plain white shirt? So I think.. "Is that something people would want to see in the future?"... Something with a bit of flair.

Excerpt from Swide Magazine.

Too fucking right. This woman is a machine. Anna Dello Russo is the fashion editor at large of Vogue Nippon and whenever I see her outfits, it strangely reminds me of Hansel and Gretel, I don't even know why. She's ferocious and has an "I'm going to each your children.. just kidding have a cookie!" vibe that I adore. She's just so incredibly glamorous and chic. Obviously from her long career, fashion is in her blood. She has such a passion for it and her clothes reflect that. I would never get up and put on a Lanvin dress at 9am in the morning but the fact she rocks couture and makes it every day wear, it's just so different from my reality that it's not ridiculous, it;s intriguing. I also found it hilarious that in many of her photos, there's so many people just staring at her outfit. She certainly makes a statement. Her understanding that her clothing is her legacy garners my respect. I hate her posture though.

P.S. MDS I miss you.

Images from thesartorialist & tFs

February 18, 2010


So I bought Requiem for a dream about a year ago, I heard so many different things about this movie and at the time I really wanted to sit down and watch it for myself. After manfriend played me a song from the movie (and scolded me for not knowing what movie the song was from) I decided to watch it. Holy fuck. I'm not squeamish, I've rented in excess of 6,000 movies from my local Blockbuster, I can detach myself from films and not get too immersed, but fuck, this movie was insane. At points I just sat there completely blank thinking, "Wow, did that just fucking happen?". It's one of those movies that if you let it, it is just one severe mind fuck.

I had a friend who was a heroin junkie and at his lowest point he would steal baby formula to pay for his next hit. The film hit home. The desperation shown by the characters is so real, there was no stinting in the level of emotion that hit your screen. It was honestly painful to watch. The editing didn't seem forced. The moments that were sped up, slowed down, chopped and distorted were a reflection of the characters and paralleled what they were going through. The acting was superb, I was thoroughly engrossed throughout the movie and couldn't tear myself away. I will definitely be thinking about this movie for a few days, especially after the tragic yet inevitable ending. When a film affects me or makes me feel an emotion so strongly, I have to watch it over and over again to desensitize myself. Weird right? But I will definitely have to do that with Requiem.

Anyway I've had these on my PC for a while but I never got around to arranging the pictures so after an uneventful night I finally got a chance to post it. If I had a million dollars... Actually you know what if I had a million dollars I wouldn't buy a $16,000.00 necklace anyway so fuck that.

February 17, 2010

Black is the new black.

Cushnie Et Ochs and Alexander Wang have been really pushing the black on black theme and I honestly don't know which one I adore more. They both used similar makeup on their girls too - I didn't even notice until I finished this blog lol.

I love Wang's take on the traditionally corporate uniform, adding some lace, some sheer, some fucking sexy and some rock star to a particularly dull and one sided genre of clothing. The different textures and fabrics he uses lifts and breaks apart the one-colour palette ending up with some very inspired pieces. I love how he's kept the pockets, the buttons, the cuffs so you can identify what he started off with but has completely reworked the structure of blazers, waistcoats and button up shirts. Fucking amazing.

Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2010

Cushnie Et Och's is a little bit more about and the textures in the fabric to me. There are relatively common trends in this collection we've all seen on the runway and everything is very wearable. The intensity of shine and separating pieces through texture sets this RTW line apart. I mean yeah there has been black in practically everyone's collection but the different shades of black (I'm not going emo stfu) coming through from this collection is fresh and unique.

Cushnie Et Och's Ready To Wear Fall/Winter 2010

Images from Style.com

February 16, 2010

No words.

Images from fashiongonerogue.com & J+J

February 13, 2010

Artsy fartsy.

I'm 100% sure these are old, circa August 2008. But I'm also 100% sure that I don't care. Alithia Spuri-Zampetti's collection gives off the Alice in Wonderland vibe for me, probably because of the colour scheme and massive headwear. I wouldn't exactly wear these exact pieces, maybe a watered down version, but the geometrical shapes and bold colours are refreshing after so much black on black on black. It's so beautiful and sharp, oh I do love me some sharp.

Images from IQONS.com.

On point.

Long time no post! Been doing the "real life" thing. After a birthday dinner filled with nachos, butter and pancakey goodness, Mia was kind enough to spend about an hour trying on half of my closet, which she describes as a vintage wonderland wardrobe of love. She's so gorgeous :) and looked adorable in everything she put on. I can't wait to get into her wardrobe and spend some time with her mother, yes Mia I want to see her hahaha. Maybe she can teach me how to sew finally!

Anyway, was trolling fashiongonerogue.com and stumbled upon this editorial from Brazilian Vogue. The black-white-with splashes of colour caught my eye (derrrr) but the styling is just immaculate. It's so chic and timeless with an infusion of trendy pieces to modernize essential pieces all women should have. I have no idea who styled this, but it's brilliant. Everything is so simple, wearable and it captures the polished rocker vibe I adore. I love the teaming of vintagey t-shirts with structured pants. The poses are a little tiny bit contrived, but fuck it, the clothes are rockin. Isabeli Fontana is beautiful and she's already had a child, mind boggling isn't it? I'm now forced to save up for that Hermes belt.

Images from fashiongonerogue.com

February 10, 2010

Ebay watch list x 1

Oh Ebay, I have such a love hate relationship with this website. 2 years ago I used to troll it and find the most gorgeous vintage dresses at bargain prices. Dresses that were unique, one of a kind, you know the dress that someone has rifled through an entire thrift store for? Yeah, those sort of dresses. Now it's filled with amateur vintage resellers, who think plastering a $40 price tag on a leopard print faux fur vest is fashion. People are finding complete trash and trying to pass it off as something fashion forward and avant garde. Yeah bullshit. After a long time off of Ebay, I've started using it again and the clothes aren't as exciting as before but there is hope!

I found this adorable bag and it's pretty cheap at the moment AU$10.65 with 23h 34min left to go. I've been searching for a decent-sized black every day bag that has interesting elements to it. Lately I've been lugging everything around in my pockets or in my small black vintage clutch, I'm surprised I haven't lost it somewhere considering how daft I can be.

Images taken from here.

February 9, 2010

Tranny style.

Cross dressing: The practice of dressing in clothes traditionally assigned to the opposite gender; also called transvestitism or drag. [x]

Sign me up for some To Wong Foo Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar shit (not the whole Wesley Snipes in something resembling a pink tutu thing). I've never been ultra feminine, I've always been tomboyish and androgynous, ala Alessandra Colombo. I mean yeah I wear dresses and skirts but they have to be a particular cut or altered to fit. I don't like the way most chick clothes are cut. My waist is a tad too tiny for my hips so some clothes just look awkward. My boobs are too big to fit in those baby doll t-shirt things. I've never liked baby doll t-shirts. There's absolutely no room to personalize them. I like having enough material to pull/tie/rip/shred my t-shirts into submission, hence I buy dude clothes! I'm not a big fan of spending $40 at Sportsgirl for an "oversized" t-shirt and realizing a large men's t-shirt (at 3 for $15) is exactly the same. I'm broke, don't judge me. I get a lot of my basic white/black/grey shirts from Jay Jays and Cotton on, both shops are always on sale and carry basics with slight trendy infusions to them.

In the mean time this is the direction my clothes will be going this season, not that it's a really big difference, just visualizing more structure, more texture and an overall slickness in the future. We're going into the colder months so I get to play with layers. That gorgeous burgundy woven turtle neck is going on my DIY list, shit looks sick. I know Garrett Neff (dude in white shirt looking like a Greek God but vapid) has nothing to do with this, but it's a good excuse to post him and try to make the manfriend jealous ♥ MDS.

Images from StockholmSS, streethearts and J&J

February 7, 2010

Are you fucking high?

I was browsing General Pants which has always been the trendy upmarket store since I was in high school. I was floored when I saw plain cotton t-shirts with nothing too special about them going for almost $100. What exactly is that $100 of yours paying for? The psuedo-avant garde slogan? The worn fabric? The holes? No. You're paying for the brand.

I'm all for championing Australian fashion and home grown designers, but geez this is getting a tiny little bit out of hand and I think it's across the board. Have you seen Erin Wasson's RCVA line? Talk about a rip off. $230 for trashed denim cut offs? DO NOT WANT. I'm 22 and I'm a lot more aware of what I'm buying. In any piece of clothing, I look at the cut, the quality, the material, it's overall timelessness and how it would work with the rest of my wardrobe. I would think at least 3 or 4 times about spending more than $40 on a non designer cotton t-shirt. I took one look at the price tags, was amused for about 5 seconds then rolled my eyes and walked away. The very last dress thing is made of rayon for crying out loud, price your clothing a little bit more sensibly please I'm a broke University student, fuck you and your overpriced shit.

From General Pants.com