February 18, 2010


So I bought Requiem for a dream about a year ago, I heard so many different things about this movie and at the time I really wanted to sit down and watch it for myself. After manfriend played me a song from the movie (and scolded me for not knowing what movie the song was from) I decided to watch it. Holy fuck. I'm not squeamish, I've rented in excess of 6,000 movies from my local Blockbuster, I can detach myself from films and not get too immersed, but fuck, this movie was insane. At points I just sat there completely blank thinking, "Wow, did that just fucking happen?". It's one of those movies that if you let it, it is just one severe mind fuck.

I had a friend who was a heroin junkie and at his lowest point he would steal baby formula to pay for his next hit. The film hit home. The desperation shown by the characters is so real, there was no stinting in the level of emotion that hit your screen. It was honestly painful to watch. The editing didn't seem forced. The moments that were sped up, slowed down, chopped and distorted were a reflection of the characters and paralleled what they were going through. The acting was superb, I was thoroughly engrossed throughout the movie and couldn't tear myself away. I will definitely be thinking about this movie for a few days, especially after the tragic yet inevitable ending. When a film affects me or makes me feel an emotion so strongly, I have to watch it over and over again to desensitize myself. Weird right? But I will definitely have to do that with Requiem.

Anyway I've had these on my PC for a while but I never got around to arranging the pictures so after an uneventful night I finally got a chance to post it. If I had a million dollars... Actually you know what if I had a million dollars I wouldn't buy a $16,000.00 necklace anyway so fuck that.


  1. LOL is there anyway you could screencap or somehow send that to me? other than in the comments..thats frikkn hillarious.

  2. Oh damn I read your comment late :(

    I checked today and you managed to get your hands on it lol. Fucking LOLLLLLLLLLLL