March 8, 2010

You know it ain't easy.

I take one look at this collection and think; "Yep, the lower half of my body and my savings will suffer; but Dior makes leather pants look good."

Is it just me or is there something so wonderfully innovative about earthy brown leather riding pants and a sheer patterned blouse? How the hell did he manage to make leather pants and thigh high leather boots incredibly feminine and romantic? Isn't this supposed to be dominatrix 101 attire?

A lot of this, as over the top as it may seem, is wearable. Okay maybe not the saloon-esque leather dress, but whoever wears that is a fierce bitch, Johnny Weir fierce.

I love the muted palette, like the dresses come from a faded photograph. Also the variety of brown leathers used in this collection are amazing. They compliment the soft muted colours of the other pieces. It all looks so pulled together. I don't think I'll be selling an organ for this collection, but I adore the way it looks, the way it flounces and falls. It's so girly I'm going to puke.

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