March 16, 2010

For Manfriend.

Everytime I look at a male fashion model, I think 2 things:

2. Manfriend is hot, I wonder how he would look in that outfit?

With that said, I had a quick squiz at the look books from Zara Man. These outfits are right up Manfriend's alley, a lot of the pieces are similar to the ones in my initial Manfriend fashion post. We haven't gone shopping yet so I'm glad I saw these. The nude and earthy toned palette for both casual & Zara Man is timeless. Once again these pieces can squeeze into your wardrobe and be worn for countless seasons. The casual line is pretty damn hot if I do say so myself. It's bold, rugged and just a little bit undone. Sort of like Manfriend's facial hair when he doesn't shave it for a few days. Mmm. Sexy.

Zara Man is a lot more polished. It's still as masculine if not more so than their casual line, but they've stripped most of the trendiness and kept clean lines and classic pieces. I love the styling, there's structure and clever layering. None of the looks present as "overdone" and they've kept it pretty minimal. Again I find myself not liking the jeans. The dress pants yes, the jeans, no. They're a bit too skinny for me. How do men stand being in skinny jeans? How do their nether regions survive down there?

I think it's the tomboy in me, but I wish there were female versions of some of these pieces. Or I could just buy dude clothes like I always do.

Images from Zara Man 2010 Look books

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