June 14, 2010


Winter ensembles shouldn't be restricted to one colour. Yes black is slimming, universally flattering and perfect for us clumsy few who manage to stain our clothing. BUT I do appreciate a colourful winter wardrobe. I say this, but I know I'm going to be in a loooot of black this winter. I'll try and mix it up though.

I haven't really seen anyone rocking monochrome outfits. When I think of a monochrome outfit, I think of either all black, nude/tan or all white. There's so many things that could go wrong with colourful monochrome outfits, if one piece is a slightly different shade, it could potentially ruin your entire look. I think you need to be sorta gutsy to pull it off to begin with. Ms. Duma over there, has not only chosen the most impeccable red, but huzzah! all the pieces are the same shade! I adore blazers so of course I love her outfit, but seriously just look at it. It's crisp, it's simple and it's so glaringly dramatic at the same time. I love that she kept the other accessories black and really let the outfit sing for itself.

Giovanna Battaglia on the other side has decided to use very minimal and to me, industrial colours. It's sort of a concrete and sandstone colour palette and I love it. I make my SIM houses in those colours! LOL. There's very few women who could pull off dark grey stockings and make it look effortlessly chic. She just looks so cute. I want to run up and hug her then maybe run off with her shoes.

Images from Vanessajackman.blogspot.com

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