June 14, 2010

Sunrises and downfalls

This post is a testament to Ms. Moran. My beautiful and beloved friend, who inspires me with her intellect, camera handiwork and luminous personality.

It started out as a walk during a beautiful winter day. The sun was shining and Ms. 'Thang' Moran brought out the camera. I wasn't dressed for it but IDGAF. She turned an awkward nature hater and a muddy field into these beautifully composed and vivid shots. I managed to turn the camera on her and take some shots of her too. Not quite as good but I think I captured her free spirit and love for flannel pretty well.

I hope this post is bribe enough for her not to post the footage of me, whimpering like a drowning kitten, trying to navigate my way through squelching mud.


  1. hahaha aww! <3 thanks man u made my day. lol ur missing that great shot of you flipping everyone off.

  2. WHICH ONE? lol. There's a few of those.