June 2, 2010

So it begins.

I've always wondered why people dress the way they do. Why does one pick this shirt and not the other? Why these shoes? Why that colour? What is it in the human psyche that controls this? There are some people who are just naturally gifted with a wicked sense of style. They know their proportions, they understand what flatters and what flaunts. I hate and admire them at the same time.

On the other hand, I think dressing well can be learned. I don't think it can be taught. Stylists can advise and guide to whatever extent, but at the end of the day it's up to the individual. Lately I've found I have this habit of staring at people's outfits. It's not a bad thing, I go about it in an almost clinical way, dissecting and analyzing colours, shapes, textures, proportion and the outcome of these combinations.

I try not to negatively judge people based on their clothing. Style is so subjective. Honestly, who am I to judge someone's outfit? What isn't stylish to me may be stylish to them and vice versa.My friends can tell you how differently I dress nowadays and how much I've evolved style-wise. One thing though, I won't put anything on that I'm not comfortable with. I won't wear something I don't absolutely adore. I think that if you have any doubts with what you're wearing, it affects the way you carry yourself and when it does; what's the point? If you're not convinced of your own style, how are you going to convince others?

I want to just reiterate, for myself really, that this blog is about what inspires me, what fuels that fire; that innate and profound passion for clothing. It's what I love and it's what I live for.

Images from JakandJill

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