July 20, 2010


I'm not 100% sure how I found Karla Deras, but out of all the popular fashion bloggers, I love her style the most. It's not that cookie cutter indie wannabe shit that everyone is doing, it's not over the top, it's not anal retentive "omg everything I wear has to be from the catwalk", it's what she's comfortable in and what she's inspired to wear. It's interesting to see how much her style has evolved, from really simple outfits to the crazy ones she currently sports. I think blazers were the main thing that kindled my affinity with her. I love my blazers. My friend Ina commented that I look weird without a blazer because she's so used to me wearing them.

Karla's a gorgeous girl and I love her body shape. She's received some criticism from readers of her blog, they made comments about her "thunder thighs" which is complete bullshit in my opinion. I like the fact she's not an anorexic size 0 blogger like Ms. Fashion Toast. She's a real person, with a rockin' body and an eclectic take on on fashion and let's face it, most of us would kill to look like her anyway. I adore both her feminine and androgynous side. She pulls off both looks and everything in between quite well. Enough about me, here are some of my favourite outfits concocted by Ms. Deras.

Images from Karla's closet.

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  1. her body is sick as fuck, and i noticed that the first time i visited her blog. who the hell says she has thunder thighs? lol that's hilarious! then again i come from an upbringing that praises voluptuous girls